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Areas of Practice

Conveyancing and Real Estate

  • Negotiation and completion of agreements of sale
  • Transfers – Drawing, registration and completion of transfers
  • Leases – Negotiation of lease terms, and completion of leases
  • Charges & debentures – We negotiate and complete Charges
  • We negotiate and complete debentures
  • We negotiate and complete Discharge of charge
  • We negotiate and complete surrender of leases, grants,
  • We facilitate completion of change of user
  • We provide property management services
  • We provide general consultancy on acquisition and disposition of property
  • Debentures
  • Provide legal services from commencement of purchase or selling of real property and includes thedrawing of all legal documents

Commercial Law

•  Collection of Debts
•  Drawing of all necessary commercial agreements
•  Shareholders agreements
•  Partnership agreements
•  Lease agreements
•  Dissolution of partnerships
•  Service provision agreements.
•  Provide Consultancy on all areas of commercial law
•  We negotiate and complete business acquisitions
•  We negotiate and complete mergers
•  We negotiate and complete joint ventures
•  Negotiate and complete partnerships

Admirality & Shipping

•  Institute proceedings
•  Defend admirality proceedings
•  Commence and prosecute admiralilty claims
•  Defend admirality claims
•  Able to obtain ship arrests and ship release
•  Able to provide consultancy on shipping service agreements

Arbitration and Mediation

We are duly qualified and registered Arbitrators
•  Instituting arbitration proceedings
•  Defending arbitration proceedings
•  Filing of arbitral awards in Kenyan Courts
• Presiding over arbitration proceedings as arbitrators
•  We provide mediation services

Investment Consulting

•  General Investment Consultancy
•  Joint Venture Consulting
•  Joint venture management
•  Joint venture partner sourcing
•  Joint venture capital raising
•  Provide basic joint venture accounts
•  We provide other business solutions for a variety of businesses

Company Secretarial Services

We are providing all company secretarial services including and not limited to the following:-
•  Incorporating Company
•  Act as Company Secretary
•  Company Board Meetings
•  Company Resolutions
•  Preparation & filing of annual returns
•  Trust incorporations
•  Act as trustees and nominees
•  Provide share nominee services
•  Provide general consultancy on company law and practice


•  Commercial litigation
•  Civil Litigation
•  Criminal Litigation
•  Probate & Administration
•  Family and matrimonial Causes

Construction Litigation

•  Commercial litigation
•  Civil Litigation
•  Criminal Litigation
•  Probate & Administration
•  Family and matrimonial Causes

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